[NI0133] Information on Tjerch DeWitt and family from New York Gen./Bio. record, Vol. 17 (1886); Vol 31, pp. 163-4, 235-6; also Marriages of Reformed Dutch Church, NY. Apr 24, 1656

[NI0339] See Wantage Recorder 4/14/1939

[NI0340] See Wantage Recorder 5/26/1933. Said to have raised tem children.

[NI0342] See Wantage Recorder 8/4/1933

[NI0350] Survived wife, moved to Susquehanna Co, PA per Wantage Recorder, 4/14/1939.

[NI0371] See Wantage Recorder, 4/14/1939.

[NI0374] See Wantage Recorder 11/4/38

[NI0589] See Wantage Recorder, 12/15/1933.

[NI0646] See Wantage Recorder, 8/5/1938.

[NI0654] See Wantage Recorder 6/15/1934.

[NI0683] See Wantage Recorder, 8/5/1938.

[NI1536] 2nd marriage 29 July 1980, Navarre, Hennepin Co., MN to Marjorie Mae Willard, dau. of Gerald Willard and Marguerite Hinds, both of whom died when she was in her teens. Marjorie died in Livermore, Alameda Co., CA, 5 Nov. 1987.

3rd marriage 27 Dec. 1991, Fort Collins, Larimer Co., Co; remarried Claire Ann (Smith) Thrift.

[NI1596] Died young.

[NI1599] Died young in spring 1865

[NI1602] Never married.

[NI1605] Never married.

[NF263] First marriage was at the First Christian Church in Onawa, IA; ceremony was performed by Rev. Everett Epperson. Darrell Keith Nuzum was best man, Frances Elaine Thrift was bridesmaid. (These two were wed in the following year.)
Robert and Claire were divorced in Minnesota in 1979. 12 years later, they each moved to Fort Collins, CO (Robert from Livermore, California, Claire from Moingona, IA) and were remarried 27 December 1991 at the Larimer County CO Courthouse.

[NF264] Witness: J. W. Langmuir

[NF468] No children.

[NF613] Witness: O. M. Warfield


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